We sew our products ourselves

From the beginning, our design studio and sewing room are under one roof. Only in this way we can meet high requirements and correct the production process on an ongoing basis.

Catalogue Advertising Clothing

Solid, proven brands, a large selection of products,
easy online enquiry, quick quote
efficient implementation and delivery.

Welcome to the website of ROK® – the manufacturer of advertising clothes.

We design with an accent on branding,
we sew according to the highest quality standards.
Our goal is to sew a positive and effective brand image.


We undertake to produce such advertising clothes so that it would meet the expectations of the most demanding Client.


Branding, logo application,
product labeling – these are synonyms of this craft.


Machine park of the JUKI brand
lets us do it
item for 100%.

Advertising Jackets

flagship product

Softshells, hoodies

warm advertising clothing

Polo shirts, T-shirt

popular brand carrier

Catalogue clothing

email: katalogi@rok.com.pl

An experienced group of professionals

We bet on qualified and stable staff because the season in advertising lasts a whole year.

Samples and patterns of materials

The customer defines the frame and we start with details in accordance with the principle that details are important.

Safe choice

Our products are not single-season gadgets but they are in use for many years.

Technological consulting

We do not leave the Client alone. We suggest optimal brand techniques suitable for the properties and parameters of a given material.

Precise valuation of queries

The cooperation starts with options of solutions supported by a valuation.

Execution of express orders

The advantage of local production is the speed of implementation of events and the possibility of making short, unique parts in a specific color combination.


Sewing advertising clothes.


The choice of products already made.

The most common projects

  • Adverising jackets 96%
  • Branding sets 72%
  • Hoodies, softshells, polars 70%
  • Catalogue clothing 49%
  • Advertising T-shirts, polo shirts 39%

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We design, brand and sew advertising clothes since 1995. We invite you to cooperation.

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